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The AOC Council is the sector organisation for all the AOCs in the Netherlands. The increasing focus on nature, the environment and (the origins of) our food is helping the green sector to blossom as never before. Well-trained workers are a must. AOCs play a key role in meeting this need. They offer a broad range of courses relating to plants, animals, greenery, flowers, nutrition, nature, recreation and the environment. The AOCs offer green training at vmbo (pre-vocational secondary education) and mbo (senior secondary full-time vocational education) level, as well as adult education at around 100 locations across the country.

The AOC Council promotes the interests of the AOCs, in particular with regard to politics, ministries, business and social organisations. The AOC Council is also a meeting place for everyone involved in green education. There is co-operation in the form of projects. The key objectives for the joint efforts of the AOCs in the AOC Council are summarised in five strategic core values.